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Other countries, high interest: the simple way to attractive potential for returns

STARPLAN investments from DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. provide you with the opportunity to invest money in foreign currencies in a simple way and reap the rewards of higher interest.

You can choose whether you wish to invest in EUR, ZAR, USD, HUF or any other currency, whether you wish to invest your money for few days or several months, or whether you wish to invest your money as a time deposit or a call deposit that can be withdrawn on a daily basis. With STARPLAN Top Callgeld, the actively managed currency investment, you can select the right combination - higher yields and less risk. At the same time, you invest in a basket of currencies with deposits that are subject to call on a daily basis and whose interest rate is significantly higher than traditional deposits in EUR.

Call and time deposit - fixed or flexible

With the STARPLAN investment, you can invest your money either with a fixed maturity agreement or without a maturity agreement. The call deposit continues without any limit until you call it. This could happen in a few days or after a number of months – it depends entirely on what you want. A notice period of just two trading days must be observed.

Interest rates are regularly adjusted in line with the call deposit market. With respect to call deposits, you can invest from an amount of EUR 5,000.00 upwards. Increases or the availability of partial sums are possible at any time from EUR 500.00 upwards or the equivalent amount in other currencies. This means you can adjust your investment at any time in line with the various market conditions and your individual requirements.

With respect to time deposits that we offer for investments of EUR 25,000.00 upwards, you can select a term of up to 365 days. You can extend this without any problem prior to maturity – all you need to do is contact your Volksbank or Raiffeisenbank. Interest is agreed on a fixed basis for the duration of the term. The multi-currency account offers you a number of flexible configuration options. This means, for example, that you can decide on a different investment currency for repayment other than the one originally selected.

STARPLAN Top Callgeld – select the right combination: Higher yields and less risk

Are you looking for lucrative investment opportunities and are interested in a broad distribution of your assets? With STARPLAN Top Callgeld, you can make use of the higher interest-yielding opportunities that investing in foreign currencies holds for you.

At the same time, you do not invest in a single currency, but rather in a basket of currencies that are subject to call on a daily basis which include several currencies and for which the interest payable will be adjusted to current market conditions.

Thanks to the targeted mixture of attractive currencies for which we manage the selection and system for you within an active management process, with a minimum investment amount of EUR 25,000.00, STARPLAN Top Callgeld offers significantly higher expected yields when compared to investments in EUR.

Our back-testing during the period from January 2002 to June 2012 showed an average yield of 3.98% p.a. net. Feel free to discuss this with your Volksbank or Raiffeisenbank.

STARPLAN Top Callgeld – Net performance incl. all charges, fees and commissions (german version only)



Note concerning risk

Please note that for investments in foreign currencies, your investment is exposed to risks such as currency fluctuations, and the equivalent value may therefore change in a positive or negative manner. The products and services displayed here outline the overall offering of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and DZ PRIVATBANK S.A., the largest foreign base of DZ BANK AG.

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