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Switzerland: Compliance/ Money laundering prevention

The following contains information on the policies and activities of DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG. (Swiss VAT registration number 234464) that are in place to prevent the use of DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG. for money laundering purposes and the funding of terrorism:

DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG is under the control of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The banking licence issued by FINMA authorises DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG to offer banking services. By providing banking services, DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG is required to comply with Swiss laws and regulations that combat money laundering and the funding of terrorism.

DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG is in compliance with the policies and activities stipulated for the prevention of money laundering. These were given as organisational guidelines that were exclusively for internal use. The organisational guidelines of DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG observe the requirements of Swiss laws and regulations that combat money laundering and the funding of terrorism. This includes internal monitoring, activities and annual training courses for employees of DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG.

The policies and activities stipulated are binding for all transactions carried out by DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG, including any cross-border transactions. Compliance with the various policies and activities stipulated in the organisational guidelines is examined by an independent external auditing firm. The internal policies and activities contain the respective FATF/GAFI recommendations. Switzerland is a member of the OECD organisation, FATF/GAFI (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering / Groupe d'action financière sur le blanchiment de capitaux).

The beneficial owners of a legal entity or association of individuals must be identified in the same way as for an individual or as stipulated in accordance with the organisational guidelines of DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG. Identification requirements shall apply to all parties/individuals involved.

The various policies and activities require the retention of the relevant KYC records. Following the end of the business relationship, DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG shall retain all records in relation to money laundering for at least 10 years.

Suspicious transactions are to be reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Office at the Federal Office of Police. The activities require the prior approval of the Reporting Office when implementing suspiscious transactions.

DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG does not offer correspondent banking services, nor does DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG have account relationships with "shell banks".

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