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Comprehensive financial advice

Larger, complex assets can bring both enjoyment and concern in equal measures – especially as different components such as securities, property, endowment insurance and capital assets have to be reconciled and interdependencies coordinated.

Perhaps you know specialists who can look after individual asset components; it is, however, only very rarely that the individual measures are sufficiently aligned. There is often no overall strategy geared towards the personal and long-term life plans of the customer and his/her family.  

The consequences of looking after various elements of assets in isolation can be serious. If the asset orientation is too unbalanced, disproportionate losses may ensue in the event of unfavourable market developments. If legal and fiscal issues are not sufficiently taken into account with regard to the repercussions on asset preservation, this may lead to undesired liquidity risks.

Our overall concept for you  

By means of financial and pension planning, you can subject your investment, pension and financing strategy to an external review within the scope of an overall concept:

  • We identify your asset situation and long-term financial objectives, if need be as part of a family strategy.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses are highlighted during a joint discussion, and fundamental solutions are suggested within the meaning of a comprehensive strategy.
  • Together with your asset, legal and tax advisers, we come up with solutions tailored to your requirements. So whether you need help with checking your asset situation or pension claims, or planning your retirement, we are there for you at every stage of your life.  

Our comprehensive financial and pension planning assesses all elements jointly, takes account of your personal situation, and gives an optimised structure to your assets, thereby helping you to reduce risks. By working together with external partners such as legal practitioners and tax advisers, matters of a financial, fiscal and legal nature can be closely interlinked and lead to positive results.

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