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Cooperative private banking

Are you looking for a partner that can look after your assets? Do you have high standards for everything, not just competency and experience? Do you expect transparency, security and reliability? DZ PRIVATBANK stands for all of these values. This is what we call cooperative private banking. This is because we are committed to our origins: we are the private banking partner of the German Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and are thus part of the banking group that demonstrates responsibility, sustainability and independence even during difficult times.

We can offer you a different type of private banking. So what exactly is that? We do of course know our business, and we will of course take care of your needs both in an integrated manner as well as individually. But making returns at any cost is certainly not our motto. Should we become partners, we can promise you a customer-bank relationship on an equal footing. We can promise that both you and your requirements will not be subject to shareholder values as the focus of our work. We can also promise you that we will not shy away from our responsibility. As a result we can offer you and your assets a safe home. This is essentially what cooperative means and is what we call cooperative private banking.


Our offering is targeted towards people for whom performance is important because they are using their own money in order to create more: this is known as shaping values.

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