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Our responsibility

The cooperative tradition isn’t just associated with the task of contributing to the benefit of society, but also taking responsibility and purposefully addressing global problems including climate change, scarcity of resources, poverty, demographic change, territorial development, deforestation and the threat to biodiversity.

DZ PRIVATBANK wants to harmonise economic success with ecological and social challenges. To this end, we combine long-term business goals with the aspiration of creating value – for customers, cooperative banks, employees and society. Sustainability: Reports and guidelines

Sustainability: Reports and guidelines

Since 2012, DZ PRIVATBANK has devoted its energies to integrating sustainable aspects within the company in the context of the Sustainability market initiative launched by the DZ BANK Group.

Together with the companies in the DZ BANK Group, in 2013 we decided to recognise the ten principles set down in the UN Global Compact and to implement them within our own sphere of influence. Since then, we have created common guidelines for our suppliers and service providers to also examine them with respect to social and ecological issues. A common code of conduct forms the foundation for DZ BANK Group employees – we introduced it together with the Compliance divisions.

We are pursuing a clear CO2 savings target with an environmental management system that implements energy-efficient solutions in building technology. We want to consume 15% less CO2 by 2020 than we do today.

This and other measures have improved our external evaluations as the DZ BANK Group too. Indeed, we can serve investors who attach a great deal of importance to sustainability with the oekom “Prime Status” rating and what is currently the best evaluation in our industry.

We would like to strengthen our commitment together in the future too – with Group-wide guidelines on sustainability in lending and proprietary investment, for example.