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Asset management is suitable for investors who do not wish to continuously monitor stock markets and the latest interest rate/currency statuses. Entrust your assets to our experts, so you can sit back and relax:

  • After analysing the situation carefully, you can discuss your personal asset management with your adviser.
  • We can offer you the best management strategy for your individual expectation profile: Our expertise has been confirmed by numerous independent tests.

We respond to your needs

  • Your management mandate is controlled based on the strategy determined with you through our portfolio management. This may include, for instance, determining the use of different asset classes, the share of equities and the reference currency.
  • We have the right solution for your requirements and your risk profile. As part of a strategic investment process, we can offer you a comprehensive range of options based on a comprehensive investment universe.

In addition, we can offer you a number of further features such as:


We focus on your current areas of interest - the investment focus is on capital protection which can be set to 90 or 100 per cent.


From a volume of EUR 1 million upwards, we can offer you active and professional management tailored closely to your needs.


In addition, you can make use of the strengths of the international locations and the expertise in and around the financial centres of Zurich and Luxembourg.

Come and speak to us - feel free to speak to an adviser in your Volksbank Raiffeisenbank or one of our customer advisers. We will be happy to support you in your investment decisions and in the selection of appropriate investment instruments.

Our experts will show you the appropriate solutions and options needed to implement your requirements and goals in the best possible way.

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