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Complaint proceeding of DZ PRIVATBANK S.A.

1. Target of the complaint proceedings

The customers’ interests, which include the handling of customer complaints, have high priority for DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. The hereby established principles are guidelines on how DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. deals with customer complaints.

Customer complaints are all kind of statements with which the customer expresses dissatis-faction with the performance of DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. or its employees and/or services.

For us customer complaints are an opportunity to strengthen our customer loyalty and improve our quality of services..

2. Handling of complaints

In a first step you can lodge a complaint, which includes a brief description of the circumstances, your name and if possible your customer number, with our complaints department. Once we receive a complaint, we deal with it immediately and mediate a solution. You will receive a reply to your complaint within ten banking days after receipt of the complaint.

If the handling of the complaint takes longer due to the complexity of the circumstances, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within ten banking days and an intermediate reply within one month after receipt of the complaint.

In case of a non-satisfactory response, you can send a written complaint to the responsible member of the Board of Directors, Dr. Stefan Schwab. If you have not received a satisfactory reply within one month after sending the complaint to the responsible member of the Board of Directors, you have the possibility to use the procedure for extrajudicial settlement of complaints (Regulation CSSF 16-07) of the CSSF (see http://www.cssf.lu/en/consumer/complaints/). Contact either by mail (CSSF, Département Juridique - Service JUR - CC, 283, route d’Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg), by fax (+352 26251-2601) or by email (). Referral to the CSSF shall be made within a period of one year starting on the day on which your complaint (in the same case) was submitted to the manager responsible for dealing with such matters (Dr. Stefan Schwab). If this period is not met, the request is inadmissible.

This procedure is the standard approach adopted by DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. to manage complaints to its customers’ satisfaction. It fulfils the requirements relating to current regulatory law, although recourse to civil law remains a further option open to all customers.

3. Contact details

The complaints can be addressed to DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. as following:

By mail
4, rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen, Luxembourg

By fax: +352 44903-2001
By email:

Status: February 2018

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