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General terms and conditions of use and legal information

Right of use for content

The websites, their programming, content, layout and structure are protected under copyright, trademark and competition law. Information on copyright and trademarks may be neither changed nor removed. Our websites, the layout of our websites and their content (text, images, programs and documents) may not be completely or partially reproduced, distributed, made available online or published in any other way. An exception is the reproduction and use of prospectuses by financial intermediaries in their sales activities. With the exception of the prospectuses, only non-commercial private use is allowed, and to the extent permitted by copyright law. It is also permitted for interested investors to download prospectuses, key investor documents, reports and publications.


The DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. website provides documents and information, including stock-market and economic figures, share prices, indices, prices, general market data and other accessible contents without guarantee.DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. regularly verifies and updates the documents and information on its websites. Despite the due care taken, the data may have changed in the meantime. DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. cannot guarantee that the documents and information, such as financial data and company announcements, are the very latest and up to date. DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. is therefore not liable and cannot guarantee that the information and documents provided are up to date, accurate and complete. This does not apply if DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. has not acted intentionally or with gross negligence or limitation of liability is excluded by law, such as for example with regard to information and documents on financial instruments and/or investment services. Price information from data suppliers (e.g. Reuters, Bloomberg, vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste AG, Thomson Financial Datastream) typically has a time lag of 15 minutes. When specifying times, the underlying time zone should be taken into account. The documents and information are created by DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. itself or taken from DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG, the data suppliers and public sources deemed reliable by DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. The graphs shown are also obtained from the data suppliers.

No advice/investment recommendations

The information available on the webpages of DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. does not represent investment advice or other trading recommendations on the purchase or sale of securities, futures or other financial instruments, nor recommendations on taking out and repaying loans. The documents and information provided here cannot replace personal interviews or assessments of specific conditions by a financial specialist, tax advisor or lawyer. Any investment decision with regard to securities, futures, other financial instruments or a financing decision for a loan should be made on the basis of a personal interview and, where appropriate, the prospectus documents or an information memorandum.

The full particulars on the securities or financial instruments, especially on the binding conditions, risks and the details of the issuer can be extracted from each prospectus.

Please pay attention to the information on the status of the documents and information. The documents and information may become outdated due to fresh developments, without the documents or information provided being changed during the latest updates. Past changes in exchange and interest rates are not reliable indicators for future results and may change at any time based on a large variety of factors.

Selling restrictions

For legal reasons, the information available on the webpages regarding securities, futures or other financial instruments is intended exclusively for customers of DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. who are resident in Luxembourg or Germany, unless stated otherwise on the webpages.

In some sovereign territorities outside Luxembourg or Germany, the forwarding of such information may b