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In addition to the "General terms and conditions of use and legal information", the following "Specific conditions of use and legal information" shall also apply with respect to information given for the investment fund in question

Specific conditions of use and legal information
The information provided on this website has been prepared on the basis of internally developed data and other reliable sources and is continuously updated. The figures and data shall be regarded as unaudited unless it is expressly stipulated that an independent auditor has audited them.

The website is intended exclusively for prospective shareholders in countries where the respective investment fund has been authorised for public sale, and constitutes neither an offer for the sale of shares nor a call for the submission of an offer to acquire shares in one of the investment funds listed below. The table below indicates in what countries the respective investment fund has been authorised for public sale.

The value of shares in an investment fund may rise and fall. As a general rule, past results offer no guarantee for future performance.

The current sales prospectus, management regulations as well as the statements of account and mid-year report, provided they have been published, form the legal basis for the purchase of shares. When purchasing a share, the shareholder acknowledges these documents, as well as all approved and published changes to the same. Therefore, we strongly recommend that prospective shareholders study these documents thoroughly.

We advise you to consult an investment and/or tax advisor should you wish to invest in an investment fund. Furthermore, prospective shareholders should also enquire about the laws and regulations that apply to the purchase, possession and redemption of shares and, where necessary, seek advice.

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