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The current situation in the interest rate markets offers opportunities for securing permanently favourable loan interest rates and also creates interesting options for complementary variable Euro or foreign currency finance. You can benefit from the currently lower cost finance conditions with the addition of variable LuxCredit finance elements, as the interest rate for variable loans is lower than the terms for long-term fixed interest rates. Secondly, a variety of free repayment options gives you greater flexibility. Lower interest costs mean that more liquid funds are available for your other projects, or to repay to the loan faster. This makes the variable LuxCredit Euro or foreign currency options ideal companions for classic fixed interest finance, both for personal and for business customers.

It’s all in the mix

Our experience shows that you achieve best results by splitting the finance sum into a fixed Euro and a variable Euro or currency portion. The addition of LuxCredit Euro or foreign currency finance offers you an optimal mix of security, price and flexibility (e.g. with special repayment terms).

LuxCredit finance is available from as little as Euro 10,000 with a fixed rate up to three months and from Euro 50,000 with a fixed rate up to 10 years in all major currencies, flexibly designed to your personal requirements, as loans under guarantee by the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank.

Would you like to take advantage of what LuxCredit has to offer? Simply ask your local branch of the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank for the current terms and conditions of LuxCredit by DZ PRIVATBANK S.A.

Keeping an eye on currencies

Please be aware that as well as offering opportunities, foreign currency financing also carries risks. If you opt for finance in a currency which does not provide you with the necessary income, the currency’s exchange rate against the Euro may also become less favourable. The outcome may be a higher Euro repayment amount. You therefore need to monitor movements in the exchange rate throughout the entire term of the loan. Depending on developments in the interest rate markets, the rates for variable finance may also rise, leading to higher finance costs. Additional products are available to hedge against these exchange and interest-rate risks arising from LuxCredit finance.

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