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Discover Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most important financial centre in the world, where many important European institutions are based and a country with over 1000 years worth of history. Located in the heart of Europe between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg has learnt how to maintain its identity and develop its own special character.

It pays to spend a little more time than you normally would need to handle your financial affairs. Discover the picturesque old town of Luxembourg with its Grand Ducal Palace, the late Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame and the Casemates.

The Luxembourg cultural programme offers a great deal of variety and is acknowledged as world-class. The food will spoil even the most demanding gastronomer, with French cuisine and specialties such as Moselle fish or Ardennes ham served with Moselle wine or delicious fruit brandy from the small local distilleries.

Country and people

The capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a fascinating city and is proud of its eventful thousand years worth of history. There are a variety of historical and cultural sites of significant artistic value.

The population of Luxembourg is slightly more than 500,000 inhabitants (the city of Luxembourg has approximately 90,000 inhabitants). The country covers an area of 2,586 km2 with approximately one third being forests. The Luxembourg people have their own language: Luxembourgish, which is a Moselle Franconian dialect.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an independent state with a constitutional monarchy in the form of a parliamentary democracy. Luxembourg has its own hereditary dynasty, the House of Nassau-Weilburg. The head of state since 7 October 2000 is Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Luxembourg has a democratic constitution. Governance is in the hands of the Grand Duke and a ministerial council of 12 ministers. Each bill is subject to review by the State Council.

The economic structure of Luxembourg is based on the banking and insurance sector, telecommunications and satellite communications, the iron industry, agriculture and viticulture.


Luxembourg City

Discover the sights of the city either on foot or by bike with one of the many tours organised by the Tourist Office.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00. (can also be outside normal opening hours upon request)

Bank holidays in Luxembourg
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